Far-reaching là gì

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Two decisions have sầu far-reaching implications for the validity of the results reported in this đánh giá.
The prevailing dynamic of party clientelism has remained untouched, limiting the prospects for effective, far-reaching resize.
Moreover, unexpected events might affect current & retirement income, evidence on the precautionary motive sầu of saving is far-reaching.
Nor does older people"s far-reaching economic tư vấn for adult offspring necessarily reflect a positive choice.
Any conflict of interests in the advisory panels developing this document would have sầu far-reaching effects.
The integration of both você0 vocês & a gente in the subject pronoun paradigm has far-reaching consequences for both the pronominal và verbal agreement systems.
As we demonstrate in the following two sections, this later took the form of a more concerted và far-reaching attempt to transkhung the factory.
Unfortunately, here and elsewhere the author is quichồng to draw far-reaching conclusions from surface similarities.
The addition of recursive contracts has far-reaching implications, deeply affecting the formulation of our Mã Sản Phẩm & requiring different techniques for proving soundness.
The second and perhaps more far-reaching conclusion is that the nature of property was already ambiguous và contested in pre-colonial society.
When this effort went "too far," it resulted in a far-reaching backlash against activist government.
The direction of those more far-reaching policies pursued under such circumstances can be expected lớn depover on the ideological orientation of the government parties.

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The implications of this observation are potentially far-reaching, but will not be explored further in this paper.
And third, far-reaching political consequences are linked - implicitly or explicitly - to lớn the theorem.
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