Json Web Token Là Gì

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All honamphoto.com-issued JWTs have JSON Web Signatures (JWSs), meaning they are signed rather than encrypted. A JWS represents nội dung secured with digital signatures or Message Authentication Codes (MACs) using JSON-based data structures.

A well-formed JWT consists of three concatenated Base64url-encoded strings, separated by dots (.):

JOSE Header: contains metadata about the type of token & the cryptographic algorithms used to lớn secure its contents.

A JWT typically looks like this:


To see for yourself what is inside a JWT, use the JWT.io Debugger. It allows you khổng lồ quickly kiểm tra that a JWT is well formed and lớn manually inspect the values of the various claims.


JSON object containing the parameters describing the cryptographic operations & parameters employed. The JOSE (JSON Object Signing và Encryption) Header is comprised of a mix of Header Parameters that typically consist of a name/value pair: the hashing algorithm being used (e.g., HMAC SHA256 or RSA) and the type of the JWT.

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"alg": "HS256", "typ": "JWT"
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JWS payload

The payload contains statements about the entity (typically, the user) và additional entity attributes, which are called claims. In this example, our entity is a user.

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