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In this article, we interview the creators of Old World, the new upcoming game by Mohawk Games. We are here with Leyla Johnson, the head writer of the game and CEO, and Soren Johnson, who is the creative director. Jan (Ancient History...

The sport known simply as the Ball game was played by all the major Mesoamerican civilizations and the impressive stone courts became a feature of many cities. More than just a game, it could have a religious significance và featured in...

Genre: Turn-Based Strategy Audience: Hardcore Strategy Gamers Difficulty: Hard Aggressors: Ancient Rome is a turn-based 4X strategy trò chơi in which you control the fate of an ancient...

One of two gold Mycenaean cups from the Vapheio tholos tomb, Lakonia, 15th century BCE. The cups show relief scenes of capturing bulls. (National Archaeological Museum, Athens)

Today we are talking to Jon Shafer, lead designer of the computer trò chơi At the Gates, now available on PC, Mac, và Linux. In this game, you control a Barbarian tribe during the Migration Age, helping them survive, grow, & hopefully bring...
A Plague Tale: Innocence is a true masterpiece of interactive storytelling. The video game (console versions on Amazon, PC version on Steam) takes the player back to lớn medieval France. The country is troubled by both the Hundred Years" War...
Play as a real leader of an ancient empire, make choices for your empire và grow it into a successful và prosperous entity. This dynamic trò chơi is different from many others of its kind, as your chosen leader will grow old, die & then you...
Jade artifacts and icons are almost synonymous with the Chinese culture going back thousands of years. Jade (nephrite) was first worked into recognizable objects c. 6000 BCE during the period of the Houli Culture (c. 6500 - c. 5500 BCE...
Cong is the name given to lớn a type of jade of unknown purpose, found in burials of the Neolithic period in Southeast China. The Cong has a square cross-section with a cylindrical hole. Congs are often decorated at the corners with faces, each...
The Hellenic World" is a term which refers khổng lồ that period of ancient Greek history between 507 BCE (the date of the first democracy in Athens) & 323 BCE (the death of Alexander the Great). This period is also referred lớn as the age of...

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