The packaging và the brush

The packaging of this mascara is really nice, it looks slim and nice.

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The brush is really nice and on the smaller side of the scale, which is perfect for me since I really don’t lượt thích the feeling of a huge brush attacking my eyes.

The brush is made with bristles và that also suits me, I don’t like the plastic brushes because I feel that I get lớn much hàng hóa on no matter how I apply it. Larger brushes is something I simply can’t handle, I always succeed in pointing my eyes with them, don’t ask me why, maybe it is something with my view of perspective.


My thoughts on Missha The Style 4d mascara

This is the first Korean mascara I have tried & this one was really cheap so I thought I give it a try.

This mascara doesn’t clump, which is a big hurray. It also is really đen in application. It is easy khổng lồ build layers with it, but I tend lớn use one or two layers the most, since I am looking for a natural result in all of my makeup. If I go out, I might địa chỉ cửa hàng some false lashes instead, khổng lồ get a fuller effect. I simply can’t stand eyelashes that clump together, và I really think it looks awful and unnatural.

When I apply mascara I always take off the excess with a piece of paper, I simply take a paper và drag it over the brush pinching my fingers over the brush. By doing this I get a more natural result, since the brush isn’t packed with product. (a tip from Wayne Goss)

I know that a lot of the products over up in my paper, but you should never use a mascara for that long since there are risks of eye infection.

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This mascara won’t give you super long curled eyelashes. Instead it will give you a natural result which is usually the Korean way.

The formula is rather dry which makes the product dry faster than others. It dried up rather quickly compared khổng lồ other mascaras I usually use. I often throw away a mascara because I feel that it is time, not because it is empty. This one I had lớn throw out because it got dry. And it is impossible lớn use it like that. There might be a way khổng lồ save it by adding something lớn it, but I don’t want lớn bother or risk anything when it comes khổng lồ my eyes.

I can’t say that it curls my lashes in any way. I have semi long lashes that tends to lớn bend a little upwards but I usually curl my lashes before applying mascara. The mascara held the curl all day, and did not crunch on my lashes either.

For being a waterproof mascara, it was really easy to lớn remove. I used the Skinfood Milk Shake Point Remover, và I didn’t have any difficulties removing it. It also lasted the whole day on my lashes.

I give this hàng hóa 4/7

Where khổng lồ get it



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