The Inkey List Retinol Serum Review

I’ve used a few products from The Inkey danh mục since they launched, và I must say that it is an affordable brand that impresses me. I have since lost count of the new products launched since, but I might get round to trying them some day.


One of the products that I was most keen to lớn try back then was The Inkey danh sách Retinol serum.

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The packaging was damaged in my first order, but I later reordered it, because I was started lớn get into retinol serums, and this fascinated me at how affordable it was!

Like all retinol serums, it takes me ages to size an opinion about them, or even to tóm tắt a review, because retinol takes time lớn show results. It most certainly isn’t a magic wand, & it can cause more harm than good, if not properly used. Hence, I always exercise caution và I advise everyone to bởi the same

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