The ryuo's work is never done!

A teenage boy named Yaichi Kuzuryuuis the strongest shogi player in history, holding the đứng top title of “Ryuo” (Dragon King). One fateful day, shogi-loving elementary student, Ai Hinatsuru, appears before him claiming that he promised lớn be her master. But was such a promise really ever made? Thus began their master và disciple relationship!






Rei Kiriyama is a 17-year-old professional shogi player who suffers from anxiety, depression, và loneliness. Unwanted by his relatives after he loses his family in an accident, và resented by his adopted family"s children, Rei moves into his own apartment in Tokyo to avoid inconveniencing others. He uses his talent at shogi to lớn earn a living, but doesn"t take care of himself, and is reluctant toask othersfor help. Soon after his arrival, the boy meets the Kawamoto family: a trio of sisters and their grandfather who run a traditional Japanese pastry shop. Theytoo have dealt with pain and loss, but their warmth và loving-kindness are balm for Rei"s anguished spirit.

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TagsDramaSeinenSlice of LifeBoard GamesComing of AgeLifestyle ChangeLonelinessMelancholyMental IllnessOrphansPsychologicalMarch Comes in lượt thích a Lion 2nd SeasonTV (22 eps)SHAFT2017 - 2018

Rei continues towork hard at improving his shogi skills, determined lớn win competitions. When he learns that one of the Kawamoto sisters is facing acrisis, he wants to vì chưng everything he can khổng lồ help, including finding a way lớn use his shogi winnings khổng lồ pay them back for all they"ve done to save him fromhis pain and loneliness.Meanwhile, Rei"s self-appointed rival Nikaidou faces a crisis of his own when his poor health takes a turn for the worse.

TagsDramaSeinenSlice of LifeBoard GamesMelancholyOrphansPsychologicalBullyingEmotional AbuseSaki BiyoriOVA (1 ep)Studio Gokumi2015
TagsComedySeinenSlice of LifeBoard GamesChibiMahjongBased on a 4-Koma MangaGround Control to lớn Psychoelectric GirlTV (12 eps)SHAFT2011

Makoto Niwa has just moved from his rural hometown khổng lồ live with his aunt and experience high school life in the big thành phố first hand. Unfortunately, his dreams of an adolescence filled of dates and school activities are soon shattered by having to tóm tắt his new home with Erio, his deluded cousinwho thinks she"s an alien & spends most of her time wrapped in a futon for protection! Now, in addition to enduring his aunt’s energetic attention and flirting awkwardly with the girls in his class, Makoto finds himself drawn into helping Erio rejoin regular society và stopping her "alien" antics.

Ever since he was a boy, Makoto Shiranui dreamed of being a magician just like the famous illusionist, Mamoru Hoshisato, his hero. But after traveling lớn Tokyo khổng lồ train under Mamoru, he’s mugged by a mysterious & beautiful female thief! To showroom insult to injury, his once close childhood friend, Hatena, has no time for him anymore. This is no way lớn start off his new apprenticeship.

TagsFantasyApprenticeshipMagicAria the Scarlet Ammo: The Butei Come và Train at a Hot SpringDVD Special (1 ep)J.C.Staff2011

Ms. Tsuzuri takes her students to lớn a hot spring in order lớn undergo Butei training. She tells them that their training starts the next day; however, strange things start happening on their way back to lớn their rooms after enjoying the hot spring bath.

A special omnibus episode reviewing the previous 11 episodes. Many things have happened, yet Rei is determined to lớn continue fighting.

Banjou no Tsumi to lớn BatsuVol: 2; Ch: 12Comic High!2014 - 2015

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TagsSeinenShougi MeshiVol: 5+; Ch: 26+Comic Flapper2016 - ?

Follows female professional shougi player Nayuta Touge. On breaks during her matches, Nayuta must choose the perfect meal to lớn eat that will give her the edge lớn win her match. Nayuta analyzes her food options and the food decisions of her opponents just lượt thích she analyzes every move on the shougi board.

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TagsSeinenReborn no KishiVol: 5+; Ch: 48+Big Comic Spirits2018 - ?

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TagsSeinenMarch Comes in like a Lion: Shakunetsu no JidaiVol: 10; Ch: 85Young Animal2015 - 2020

Takanori Jingūji, the 27-year-old man who eventually become the head of the nhật bản Shogi Association had an opponent that young Jingūji had khổng lồ defeat...

TagsDramaSeinenSlice of LifeBoard GamesShinohayu: The Dawn of AgeVol: 14+; Ch: 95+Big Gangan2013 - ?

The long-awaited new Saki spinoff, centering around the past of Harue & the pros Hayarin, Kokaji and Noyori.

TagsDramaSeinenSlice of LifeBoard GamesTennouji-san wa Bodoge ga ShitaiVol: 4; Ch: 21KiSSCA2018 - 2020

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TagsComedySeinenBoard GamesMahjong Diva Obaka MiikoVol: 15; Ch: 135Kindai Mahjong2004 - 2010

Miiko is a girl with a problem. She"s passed all the tests và become a Mahjong Pro, but she stinks at Mahjong! She was starting to lớn even hate the game, but then she runs into a man who used to be a Top-Tier Mahjong Pro named Namidame in a parlor and asks him to teach her how lớn play right! The two strike a connection và Namidame vows to lớn help Miiko work her way up khổng lồ the top leagues.

An anime that makes a board game appear 100x more intense than what it should be, right down khổng lồ being physically exhausted somehow. This will be for very few, primarily those that are into board games, specifically, Japanese chess (Shogi). They use a lot of Shogi related terms, so I am sure this would be more appealing for those that might understand the game.The flow và presentation is a bit odd. The controversial aspect are the Lolis. The first episode starts out fine, but quickly Lolis start being tossed in and some questionable scenarios develop. It"s almost as if the writers weren"t confident that 12 episodes dedicated lớn Shogi would be interesting, & started to lớn deter from the concept. They vày bring comedy khổng lồ the table though, which is a nice break from stareing at a chess board forever. A bit later though (around ep7) the writers have gained confidence in their work và it becomes 98% about Shogi from there on.The Shogi aspect seems over the vị trí cao nhất in presentation. Yes, being a professional in any kind of gaming can take it"s toll. It is really odd though khổng lồ see them physically exhausted from moving a couple pieces of light wood across a board. It does keep things a bit more entertaining in a comedy aspect though, và that"s what the Anime comes down to, being a comedy. The last few episodes making up the ending though, they were too drama filled và don"t fit too well with how things were going. Also, it ended without giving 1 person an apology, so there is an unresolved conflict that would have taken a minute to patch up.The characters won"t be for everyone either. It is a guy & his Lolis, plus an adult or two tossed in. Depending on your culture, there really is nothing odd here as nothing physical ever happens, just some scenes that are slightly suggestive or purposely presented a way for the sake of comedy. They screwed over the main character towards the over of the Anime by changing his personality in a way that really didn"t fit the flow of everything else, và suddenly makes you want to lớn care far less for him. The xúc tích with some of the Lolis doesn"t quite make sense either, especially the suggestive perverted material, this isn"t something a 9 year old would say or know of, unless that is how things are today?Overall, it was decent for someone who does enjoy board games, Lolis, và comedy. I found that there was a clear line in where the writers weren"t sure which direction to go, be it the Shogi focused route, or the Loli route và becomes a case of where you need to have confidence in your idea and follow through with it.The appeal of an Anime like this will be khổng lồ a small minority, but at least they tried something different. For all non-Japanese viewers, I think regular chess would have been far better in terms of being able to lớn follow the gameplay.

BXKDKDSJun 4, 2019

Okay, let"s be real.I literally only watched this/decided khổng lồ watch this because I saw a funny Instagram post tagging this as the source. So I gave it a try.Honestly loli-harem aside, most of the main characters are alright. Even the background lolis are alright. The inclusion of another Ai to lớn rival the main Ai was kinda stupid, especially because both characters are hardly ever seen pitted against each other.At the time of writing this review, I am on episode 10/12 & most of this series is not that bad. The animation is pretty good, và the overall score is fairly alright. I mean it does not stand out from other anime series.Like the plot, & whatnot aside. The animation is absolutely amazing in most cases. Yes, it is a trashy series because of all the loli-harem stuff, và the extremely dense main character; however, the animation is almost spot on, especially in the scenery.Reasons lớn watch:- To địa chỉ to your list.- If you are somewhat into sports anime.- If you lượt thích dumb/dense af main protagonists.- If you are a trash person lượt thích I am.- For the odd giggle such as "I wish I was a horse so that they can ride me".Reasons not to watch:- If you hate loli characters.- If you want khổng lồ watch something more decent.- If you actually care about what is going on.- If you actually have a social life.

It has a pretty promising storyline; two young prodigies learn shogi from a more experienced player who also can somewhat relate khổng lồ their positions as newbies. The anime left a lot of possible storylines untouched. I would"ve liked khổng lồ learn more about the pasts of Yaichi and Ginko. At the same time, there were characters who were very likable & had stories behind them like Keiko.The fan service was a bit over the top và I wish they had distributed more screen time to characters lượt thích Keiko, & Ginko & focused on their stories a bit. Keiko had one solid episode of that but Ginko just seemed to lớn be there to lớn beat up Yaichi while also fail khổng lồ tell her feelings lớn him.Overall, the anime had some good characters, a really promising plot, good animation, but the execution of the anime should have been more thorough và revised.

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