Đánh giá sony nex 5

Cosmetically, the NEX-5N (on the right) is nearly identical to lớn the NEX-5, with the exception of a slightly angled top-casing and a silver flair around the power nguồn switch.

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The overall appearance of the 5N has been further streamlined by creating a single magnesium-allow đứng top plate. The hand-grip material has has a more refined feel too, but doesn"t seem khổng lồ offer any more grip.

NEX-5N compared to lớn NEX-5: key differences

Sony NEX-5

Sensor body toàn thân construction Maximum shooting rate Electronic Viewfinder SLT Adapter support LCD touch-screen Lens aberration correction đoạn clip Sensitivity Electronic first curtain shutter
• 16.1 million effective pixels • 14.2 million effective pixels
• Magnesium alloy (front and top plate) • Magnesium alloy (front plate)
• 10 FPS • 7 FPS
• Optional accessory • No
• Yes • No*
• Yes • No
• Yes • No
• 1080 60i/p (AVCHD) • 1080 60i (AVCHD)
• ISO 100 - 25,600 • ISO 200 - 12,800
• Yes • No

* At the time of writing the LA-EA2 is only compatible with the NEX-5N and NEX-7 but Sony tells us that compatability will be added to the NEX-5/NEX-3/NEX-C3/VG10 in a future firmware update.

Compared lớn the Olympus E-PL3

The Olympus PEN series have, historically, been geared more towards the enthusiast crowd than Sony"s NEX cameras which have been marketed primarily towards compact upgraders. However, with the 5N"s new bevy of customization options và expanded features, that line is becoming blurred.

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From the vị trí cao nhất down, the NEX-5N"s generously-sized hand grip is obvious, & so is the supermodel-thin body, compared lớn the E-PL3. This is partly an optical illusion - the 5N"s lens mount protrudes from the body and looks, here, as if it is part of the lens. Also apparent in this view is the 5N"s unadorned vị trí cao nhất plate. Unlike the E-PL3, there is no exposure mode dial, and no hotshoe. Even the 5N"s flash connector is concealed behind a door.

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